Your competent partner for the measurement of contact angle, surface and interfacial tension, for stability analysis and for humidity generation

The measurement of contact angle, surface tension, surface energy of solids, work of adhesion and other relevant parameters for surface science is our core competence. Our tensiometers, contact angle measurement instruments and spinning drop tensiometers are worldwide known in science and industry as reliable instruments.

The broad accessories range for our contact angle measurement devices and tensiometers makes also challenging measuring tasks easy to handle. The measurement of surface tension or contact angle up to 1800°C or under high vacuum - poses no problem with our instruments.

Please have a look through this website, you will find detailed information on our contact angle measurement instruments and drop contour analysis systems, tensiometers, spinning drop tensiometers, humidity generators and our instruments for characterising disperse material systems.

We will be pleased to get in touch with you for any questions regarding your interfacial analysis tasks. Welcome to the world of interfaces.

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Our products and the information they yield have been successfully integrated within the critical steps of research, product design and quality control of many trendsetting industries. At each stage in the development of new materials, optimisation of formulation, determination of liquids/solid or liquid/liquid compatibility and to ensure a high and consistent quality, the knowledge gained from the implementation of DataPhysics Instruments equipment and support of its staff and appointed partners is key; adding value to your own companies output. In these competitive times; maintaining an advantage over your own competitors will assure your continued position and contribution to your chosen industry.