PCA 100M

Video-based portable contact angle measuring instrument

Whether it be for large or small substrate areas, the PCA 100M is the ideal, handheld, portable instrument for controlling the qualities of coatings, examining the surface energies of pre-treated polymer films in the production process, or testing the qualities of cleaned or adhesion promoted glass surfaces, prior to the next processing stage.

The compact design and the “plug and play” connectivity, to any notebook or on-site available PC, enables the measurement of surface properties almost everywhere – including use in cleanrooms (US FED STD 209E cleanroom standard class 10).


For the software controlled measurement and analysis:

  • of the static and dynamic contact angle according to the sessile drop method
  • of the wettingbehaviour on solid surfaces
  • of the surface free energy of solids and its components
  • of the surface tension using the drop shape analysis


Features of the basic configuration:

  • High-performance telecentric lens with integrated aperture and adjustable observation angle.
  • Lighting of the optical path with software controlled intensity adjustment, without hysteresis.
  • Video measuring system (max. 52 frames/s).
  • Integrated multiple dosing system, with either two dosing needles (PCA 100M/2) or four dosing needles (PCA 100M/4).
  • Software controlled automatic needle selection and positioning.
  • Integrated automatic refill system with flushing and cleaning functions for dosing up to 5000 drops per filling and per liquid receptacle.
  • Power supply with automatic voltage adjustment.

PCA 100M/4


The PCA 100M can be used with the laboratory stand PCA-MS for use in the lab. Consisting of:

  • Basic module with measuring stage and manually adjustable X, Y and Z axes.
  • Holder for PCA.

SNS 160/080

Special dosing needle with PTFE tube and LuerLock connector.

Needle made of stainless steel with AMF S N(H3) hydrophobic coating.

SLR 50

Sample liquid reservoir 50 ml for PCA 100 made of PFA

Software modules

The following software modules are available for the PCA 100M:

  • SCA 20 - contact angle
  • SCA 21 - surface free energy

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