PCA 100R

Robot guided contact angle measuring instrument for process control.

In combination with the single and multi axes cartesian robots of the RCC series, the PCA 100R contact angle measuring instrument is a specialised system for measuring wetting properties on substrates of very large surface areas, on site, during the production process. The fully automatic instrument enables a reduction of subjective factors and of the time necessary for the contact angle measurement.


Some important applications for the PCA 100R are:

  • determination of the surface cleanliness of wafers and glass substrates for flat screens before the next manufacturing step.
  • examining the surface energies of pre-treated polymer films in the production process.
  • development of high-performance composites.
  • surface finishing and the cleaning of textiles.

The PCA 100R and the robots of the RCC series are designed for the usage in cleanrooms according to the US FED STD 209E cleanroom standard class 10.


Features of the basic instrument configuration:

  • measuring head with integrated optics, illumination and multiple dosing unit.
  • high-performance telecentric lens with integrated aperture and adjustable observation angle.
  • video-based measuring system with high-resolution CCD camera and high-performance digitizing adapter.
  • software controlled continuous adjustable intensity without hysteresis for a homogeneous back lighting.
  • automatic needle selection and positioning.

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Mapping on a glass substrate with a robot guided PCA 100R/2

3 axes linear positioning system with rotary axis RCC X1500 / Y1850 / RCC RZT230/180°

PCA 100R/2 with RCC-XY 1600 and RCC-Z 230 for 60“ TFT-LCD substrates

Software modules

The following software modules are available for the PCA 100R:

  • SCA 20 - contact angle
  • SCA 21 - surface free energy

learn more about the Software modules of the OCA series

Additional robot software SRC:

  • Robot control software for the PCA 100R combined with a robot.
  • Interfaces to software SCA 20 and to the robot control electronics.
  • Including all necessary drivers.